Wachusett's alumni have been a marvelous part of our community year after year.

Our 100th anniversary celebration in 2003 drew more than 125 guests—and was a wonderful weekend that reflected the camaraderie, the loyalties, and the spirit that are characteristic of Wachusett. The span of years for that weekend was from the late 1940's to the early 2000's. For our 110th reunion in August of 2013 the numbers were slightly smaller, but the flavor of the weekend was no different.

It is not unusual for a Wachusett alumnus to reflect that his camp experiences have been among the most rewarding and formative experiences of his life and that his camp friendships have been among the most enduring. Neither is it unusual for an alumnus who is visiting after an absence of some years to head down to our campfire area to see if he can find the Ghost Rock he painted and left behind years before.

Alumni understand that, though the camp has changed over the years in small ways, the core program of instructional activities, team sports, trips, and special events has remained unchanged—and that the values of integrity, friendship, and spirit have remained constants.

Finally, alumni have played a hugely important role in supporting the Triplett Fund and its mission of keeping Wachusett accessible to families across a wide spectrum.