Meet the Summer 2018 Staff!!


Ross- Head Counselor

Ross has been with Camp Wachusett for 10 years now! He grew up in New Jersey and is currently studying linguistics and theater at Northwestern University in Illinois. Having such a talented thespian on staff is a great treat for our campers and staff alike. Ross leads dramatic performances and shares his knowledge with campers through drama classes.


Nick - Head Counselor

Nick, known as "Chief" around these parts, has been with the camp for 11 years! Chief shares his archery skills with the campers daily, as well as presents quite a challenge on the basketball court. Chief will be studying economics at Syracuse in the fall. He is most looking forward to helping cultivate new friendships at the camp this summer!


Joe- Counselor

Joe is joining us for his 10th year at Camp Wachusett! Joe is a lifeguard at the waterfront, supervising all waterfront activities as well as one of our swim instructors. In his free time Joe enjoys running and cycling. He will be attending Castleton College in the fall to begin studying in the medical field. Joe is really excited about assisting struggling swimmers with their swimming skills and helping them build confidence this summer.


Shawn- Counselor

Shawn is joining us for his first year at Camp Wachusett from South Africa! Growing up in South Africa, Shawn spent many hours in the bush teaching himself survival skills. He will be bringing those skills to Camp Craft classes at Camp Wachusett. Camp Craft consists of fire-making and general survival/outdoors skills. Shawn has a degree in philosophy from Rhodes University in South Africa and we are so excited to have him with us!


Jon- Counselor

Jon has been with Camp Wachusett for 5 years! He is from Goshen, New York and his interests are flying planes and mountain biking. Jon will be teaching the campers riflery and guitar this summer! We’re so excited to have his talents on staff!


Melik- Counselor

Melik is excited to start his 5th summer with Camp Wachusett! He will be teaching archery this summer. In his free time Melik enjoys video games and hanging out with friends. Melik is most looking forward to reconnecting with his camp friends this summer and sharing his talents to help campers become better archers.

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Tom- Counselor

Tom is joining us for his first summer at Camp Wachusett from London! He is a student at Warwick University where he studies economics. This summer Tom will be taking the coveted job of boat driver for our water skiers! Tom is also quite the football (soccer) fan, a passion he shares with many campers. Tom is looking forward to meeting new friends at camp and learning new American games. Way to go Tom!!


Patrick- Counselor

Patrick has been coming to Camp Wachusett for 5 years now! Patrick brings many talents to Camp Wachusett, including woodworking, tennis, and chess. Patrick runs our daily shop classes, helping our campers tackle various woodworking projects. He also challenges campers to sharpen their mental skills through rainy day chess matches. Patrick comes from New Jersey and is most looking forward to helping campers grow into confident young men.


Simon- Counselor

Simon is starting his 5th summer with Camp Wachusett! Simon is a lifeguard and swim instructor and is very excited to share his swimming talents with the campers. Simon has been a member of his swim team for 6 years in his home state of Maryland. Simon also excels at ice hockey and track. In addition to sports, Simon also plays violin and is a fluent French speaker. We are so excited to have Simon on board with us this summer!


Andrew- Counselor

Andrew is joining us from London for his first year at Camp Wachusett! Andrew holds a LTA level 1 coaching certificate in tennis and our campers are so excited to have him teaching tennis this year. Andrew’s other interests are soccer and golf. He is most looking forward to helping campers work on improving their tennis skills. Way to go Andrew!


Sam- Counselor

Sam is joining us for his first year at Camp Wachusett from Worcester, England. Sam will be running classes on row boats, kayaks, and canoes this summer. Sam is studying law at the University of Bristol in the U.K. In his free time, Sam enjoys playing sports, listening to music and hiking. At home, Sam’s friends call him “Patty” because he was born on St. Patrick’s Day! Sam is most looking forward to leading trips with campers this summer! Awesome job Sam!


Kobe- Counselor

Kobe is joining us at Camp Wachusett for his 7th year from Colorado! Kobe has family in the area and has loved returning to camp year after year. Kobe will be teaching sailing this summer and everyone is so excited to learn from him. In his free time Kobe enjoys reading and writing and often shares his writing talents with the campers. Kobe says he is most looking forward to giving campers a positive experience at camp just like the one he had. Way to go Kobe!


Ian- Counselor

Ian is excited to be starting his 7th year with Camp Wachusett!! Ian is a lifeguard and swim instructor at the lake. He supervises all water activities including swimming, sailing, water skiing, and boating. Ian also teaches lacrosse and enjoys fitness. Ian attends James Madison University in Virginia and studies communications. He is most looking forward to giving campers an amazing experience this summer. We are so excited to have Ian on board for the summer!