Boys live in cabins according to grade and/or age. There typically are six to eight boys in a cabin, with two counselors living with the boys.

Behind the open living area where the boys and staff stay is a type of locker room which includes wooden cubbies for each of the campers and two cold-water sinks. There is also a small room with a flush toilet. Hot showers are in the main lodge a short distance from the cabin area.



Dining hall & meals

We enjoy breakfast and dinner in our huge dining hall — with boys and counselors sharing round tables that seat six or seven. Lunch is in a sizable picnic area in front of the dining hall.

The cabins and dining hall are more than just spaces and locations. They are where the wonderful sense of camaraderie and Wachusett bonding grow.


We want the boys in a cabin to feel that they are part of a lively, close-knit group. It is there that we want them to cement old friendships and develop new ones.

In a similar way we want meals to be wonderfully enjoyable social moments. The food, by the way, is excellent and gets rave reviews from the boys and the staff.

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time my son had. He just loved all the experiences and opportunities. You run a very special place that is beautiful and worthwhile for all the campers. Thanks for all you do for running a camp that is fun, filled with learning and memories, and lets a kid be a kid.
— Paul & Heather N.

Thank you so much for having me at camp this summer. It was really fun and I had a great time. It was an enjoyable five weeks. I learned a lot and loved going sailing every day. I hope to come back next summer.
— Cole, age 9

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