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A Day in the Life

Camp Wachusett provides the perfect setting for all to escape the tether of electronic devices, and learn to indulge in outdoor activities and face to face socializing.  Boys are engaged in camp activities that promote multiple levels of interaction with peers and the opportunity for personal growth.  Free time is mixed with choices of several land and water activities on Lake Hortonia or on the surrounding 40 acre facility.

Campers choose the activities they wish to pursue at progressive levels of achievement. Staff are assigned to lead activities in which they have matching skills, and are known for displaying enthusiasm and passing along relevant knowledge appropriate to each level of their activity. 

Campers go home at the end of their stay with newfound or improved skills in activities such as - sailing, water skiing, camping, wood shop, tennis, basketball, archery, riflery, nature and campcraft, first aid, team sports, swimming, canoeing, kayaking - and substantive knowledge and terminology that goes along with the excitement of those accomplishments.