Week Two Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Yesterday, the rain held off while we were in Brandon participating in the fourth of July Parade. Once again, we entered our 1948 Ford flatbed truck as our float with a team of energetic counselors who represented various activities at camp on and around the float.  We have won "Most Whimsy" and "Most Enthusiastic" over the past two years. If we win another category this year, I will let you know.  In the afternoon, after returning to camp, a major cold front came through bringing heavy rain and two lightning strikes that were very close by and knocked out our main phone line. Repairs should be made tomorrow, but if you need to get through, you can contact my cell phone (202) 744-7130.  

We are expecting several new arrivals this afternoon and evening. If that includes your son, please remember we request that you not make contact for the first week; however, always feel free to contact me by e-mail or telephone if you have any questions or need information. We also ask that you not send care packages that any contain food or candy.  

Aside from the popular daily program of activities, other highlights of the week included a choice of two overnight camping trips that left camp on Tuesday. One was a canoe trip on nearby Lake Bomoseen, where the group paddled to a campground and returned to be picked up the next day.  The other group hiked 6.4 miles to the summit of Camel's Hump, Vermont's third highest peak.  Both groups returned on Wednesday with great stories to tell. On Thursday, July 4th, we woke up to "God Bless America" on the intercom and recited the pledge of allegiance at breakfast. After a full day of activities and the "Stud of the Week"contest, won by William Ghorbani dressed as the "State of Vermont" (a lot of green), we got on the bus and went to Crystal Beach where we experienced a spectacular display of fireworks.  Friday was another beautiful day. In the afternoon, we boarded the bus and went to nearby Orwell to "Lazy Dog" Farm, a dairy farm owned by Stephanie Wilber (our nurse) and her husband Jessie. They provided an incredible tour of their farm. In a period of two hours, the boys experienced just about every facet of a dairy farm, including the opportunity to milk a cow and to taste fresh organic milk.  

We look forward to greeting the next wave of boys arriving today, as well as continuing to entertain and teach new skills to the boys already here.  For those who departed this morning, we truly enjoyed having them with us and hope they continue to enjoy the rest of their summer. 

Unaliyi and Best Regards, Phil