Week Three Newsletter

Week three is complete

Dear Parents,

Week three brought some new faces to camp. After waterfront orientation and council fire, where the camp history, general information and helpful guidelines were presented, the boys merged right into our daily program.
As we are three weeks into the summer, boys are receiving recognition for higher level achievements in activities. Our progressive levels of achievement are identified as "Prospect" "Chocorua" and "Wachusett"  Lodges. Boys must accumulate ten achievements at each level to become a member of one of the lodges.  At council fire last night recognition was given to Prospect accomplishments as well as a rising number of Chorcorua awards and Wachusett level achievements.  Achieving Wachusett level in any activity is quite impressive and we are happy to congratulate Jack Verdery and William Ghorbani for passing the requirements for Wachusett level swimming, and Jack Verdery and Kian Amouzgar for passing Wachusett water skiing.

On Tuesday, Early Birds enjoyed a trip to the Great Escape Amusement and Water Park while the balance of the camp went the Hillbilly Fun Park for a round of mini golf. We all met up in Lake George to check out the various sights, which included arcades, museums and other tourist attractions. All boys traveled in groups with a counselor and found a place for dinner prior to heading back to camp.

Later in the week we fit in a dinner out plus movie trip to Rutland. The choices were Toy Story-4, Spiderman, Yesterday and Aladen. Spiderman attracted the largest camp audience followed by Toy Story-4.  Afternoon activities included two Blue-Grey competitions over the past week. One day of friendly competition included Dodge Ball, Tennis and basketball, and the other afternoon a large game of "Crosby" took place.  Crosby is a Wachusett invention that dates back at least 50 years and is a cross between ultimate frisby and Lacrosse.   Although many of the matches this week were very close, the Blue team prevailed, bringing the league score to Blue 8 Grey 1.  

Saturday was a beautiful day, We took a hike up Eagle Rock, which is a near by peak overlooking Lake Bebe and Lake Hortonia.  It is a short, but very steep hike in some places. The challenge was well worth the view (pictured above).

We have some new boys arriving today and a few departing as well. We wish those leaving us a great rest of the summer and we look forward to the new boys joining us.  

Week four will be another busy
one.  We are sending a canoe trip to Lake George and a three day trip to the old Camp Wachusett property in Holderness, New Hampshire. I look forward to sharing those highlights with you next week. 

Unaliyi, and Best Regards, Phil