Week Four Newsletter

Week four flew by:

Dear Parents,

We began the week sending out overnight trips to Lake George for canoeing and to Holderness, NH to the old Wachusett camp property. The canoe trip paddled to an island where they set up camp, went swimming, and had dinner followed by campfire stories. The next day the group paddled back to Hulett's Landing to be picked up and driven back to camp. The trip to Squam Lake in NH was for boys with family ties to the old camp or boys who have been at Wachusett for many summers. The trip included a tour of the property and cabins; swimming, boating and skiing on the lake; a hike up Mt. Fayal; a hike through the Polar Caves; a trip to Squam Lakes Science Center where boys learned about the Lakes Region ecosystems and observed native wild animals. Evening activities included a cook out and a trip to Fun Spot, an arcade that was frequented by Wachusett campers many years ago. 

After trips returned, the regular weekly schedule of activities resumed.  At council fire, it was announced that Charlie Lukens had passed all ten of the requirements of Prospect Lodge. His final achievement earning him the lodge was fire-building. Last week I forgot to recognize Charlie New for achieving Wachusett water skiing, which is a very significant accomplishment. 

Another Wachusett level achievement was earned by Griffin Morse for writing and directing a skit. A clip of  "Wachusett Hunger Games" can be viewed on our camp Facebook page. The stage was also booked Friday night for our weekly Log Reading event. This week Preacher Lorenzo was driving to Camp Wachusett for his annual revival meeting and picked up many hitchhikers along the way (clip also on Facebook). 

Outside of activities we spent a lot of time on the waterfront to ease the effects of the recent heat and high humidity. Additionally the boys enjoyed an evening of "Minute to Win it" hosted by Matt Dandola and a trip to Rutland for a, competitive in some cases, evening of bowling.

Week five begins our final two week session and will likely also fly by, since end of summer tournaments will begin along with another set of overnight trips. I look forward to reporting on those events. 

Again, it is always sad to see campers leave, but we hope they leave having enjoyed their time here and having learned from their experiences. We welcome the newcomers for the final two weeks.

Unaliyi, and Best Regards, Phil