Week Five Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We are entering our final week, which brings with it a bit of mixed emotions, since there is much excitement over the events of the final week, but also a solemn reminder to all that camp will soon end.  Today we will be signing up for our final week of activities. The picture above is of the group assembling for signup in front of the gazebo.  We will strive to run as many activity periods as possible this week so that boys may complete tasks they have been working on and to provide as many opportunities as possible for those trying to fulfill lodge requirements in time for initiations later in the week.  

Week five was highlighted by overnight trips, which also included a challenging three day hike on the "Long Trail," which provided the hikers with breathtaking views while ridge running above the tree line (pictured above). Casino night, the log reading skit based on Wachusett Wrestling Federation (luckily no injuries to our counselor participants), beach-side campfire with s'mores, and outdoor night time games were all great evening hits with the boys before heading to bed.

At Council Fire, counselors gave their weekly reports on activity achievements, highlighted by announcements that Griffin Morse passed Wachusett Swimming this past week and that Hayden Carpenter passed all ten requirements for membership into Prospect Lodge. Additionally, Austin Weiss has accumulated all the requirements to enter Chocorua Lodge and will be recognized at the final council fire on Friday. A show of hands determined that there are a few other boys getting very close to passing Prospect Lodge and Chocorua Lodge and may be able to do so before the season ends. Wachusett Lodge is the highest level of achievement and there are a couple of boys with fewer than three tests left to fulfill the requirements.

The final banquet and awards ceremony will be held this Friday evening.  Parents are welcome to visit at any point on Friday and enjoy all activities leading up to dinner and awards, and final council fire.  We will have our final Blue - Grey team sports event, known as Apache Day, beginning in late afternoon. Dinner will be served at 6:30 in the dining hall, followed by our awards ceremony, where boys will be recognized in areas of outstanding achievements, and  trophies and plaques handed out. We will mail trophies to boys who are not in attendance.

If you are picking up your boys on Saturday, we hope you will consider driving up Friday to join us. There are several options in the local area for staying overnight. On Saturday, we ask that boys are picked up by 9:00 am, since our staff will be focused on putting the camp away for the year. Boys flying out of Albany to BWI will be on SWA flight #3625 arriving in Baltimore at 12:25 pm.  Please make sure to provide me with confirmation numbers so that I can print out the tickets.  

It has been a great summer and we look forward to ending on a high note. 

Unaliyi, and Best Regards, Phil